Following are links to FIRE data products intended for community use. If there are data products from published papers that you would like to see here, please contact us to let us know!

  • A public version of the GIZMO simulation code is available here.
  • We use MUSIC to generate initial conditions. MUSIC parameter files to generate ICs exactly matching the FIRE simulations are available here.
  • For the Firefly interactive visualization app, see this link.
  • HI CGM covering fractions data in ASCII format from Faucher-Giguère et al. (2015, 2016) are available here. HI CGM data in ASCII format from Hafen et al. 2017 are available here.
  • Binary black hole properties from Lamberts et al. (2018) are available here. The link also provides the SFR as a function of time and metallicity, so that different binary evolution models can be explored.
  • Full (raw) snapshot files at z = 0 for three of our Milky Way-mass, ultra-high resolution simulations (m12f, m12i, m12m), including all dark matter, gas, and star particles, as well as corresponding synthetic Gaia DR2-like surveys for each simulation (from Sanderson et al. 2018), are available at
  • In addition to the visualization page here, a huge array of animations, images, and other simulation visualizations are available here.
  • Files needed to reproduce the meta-galactic ultra-violet (UV) background model used in our simulations are provided here.