Milky Way

The FIRE project is pushing the resolution frontier by simulating Milky Way-like galaxies at ultra-high resolution, reducing the reliance of galaxy simulations on sub-resolution approximations for feedback processes. The Latte suite of simulations (Wetzel et al. 2016) use mass resolutions of 7070 solar masses per particle and spatial resolution down to 1 pc to address key problems in galactic archaeology and near-field cosmology. This ultra-high resolution makes it possible to treat star particles self-consistently as single-age, single-metallicity stellar populations, opening a new frontier in comparisons with observations through the ananke synthetic survey pipeline (Sanderson et al. 2018).

Full (raw) snapshot files at z = 0 for three Latte simulations (m12f, m12i, m12m), including all dark matter, gas, and star particles, as well as corresponding synthetic Gaia DR2-like surveys for each simulation, are available at

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