Latte is a subset of the FIRE project aiming to push the resolution frontier by simulating Milky Way-like galaxies at ultra-high resolution. Such ultra-high resolution simulations are needed to properly resolve dwarf satellites and address key problems in near-field cosmology, such as the missing satellites and “too big to fail” problems.

Above: Mock galactic (Aitoff) projection of a Latte simulation, as seen from a star 10 kpc from the center of the simulated galaxy.

The ultra-high resolution of the Latte simulations is also enabling us to better resolve the ISM of Milky Way-like galaxies. At the ~1,000 solar mass resolution that we aim to achieve over the next year, we will be able to self-consistently follow the expansion of individual supernova remnants through their Sedov phase, and thus to further reduce the reliance of the simulations on sub-resolution approximations for feedback processes.

The first results from Latte are reported in Wetzel et al. (2016). The Latte simulations use the new GIZMO MFM hydro solver, providing superior accuracy over previous simulations ran with the P-SPH solver.